A Nurturing Nest


In 1999 my dear husband and I lived in Murray, Utah; a quiet, clean and conservative little town just outside Salt Lake City.  We lived in a small two bedroom apartment on the ground level and enjoyed a walk-out patio that was level to the large field of grass outside the building.  Our apartment was in the direct path between two small ponds on the premises.  Nearly every day we would see a family (or 5) of ducks roaming past our porch and across the grassy path to and from the ponds.  I decided to take pitty on them one frigid winter and I began to feed the pathetic looking birds.  However, I couldn’t stop.  I found myself feeding them more and more frequently and I would sit on the carpet in my living room with the sliding glass door open just a smidgen, and feeding them dried bread that I had purposely left out during the day while I was at work.

Later on in the spring, I noticed the mama ducks had not waddled past for at least a few days, and was surprised when I discovered one day that there were five  little baby chicks following ever so closely to their mother.  Since I am obviously not a bird, I don’t exactly know what the mama birds and their new chicks were doing, I guessed she was showing them the way to the ponds.  When I tried to feed the little chicks, the mama duck was quick to put me in my place.   No one was to get too close to her chicks!  Eventually as the babies grew, I slowly attained the trust of the mama bird and she would allow her ducklings to come abnormally close to my glass door.

It was so much fun feeding them and watching them grow and  it was an experience that helped me realize that I was nearly ready to be a mama bird myself.

In the past 10 1/2 years of experience being a mama, I have learned so much about my girls.  Considering my husband and I met online 17 years ago (that’s right…before it was popular) I shouldn’t be surprised that I have an abundant collection of websites and blogs, each giving insight to having well-rounded chicks.  Unfortunately, the stork was out of “How to Raise the Perfect Child” guide books when my babies were delivered.  So, I have had to also rely on informative books and articles to help me in my child rearing abilities.

Consequently, I have helped friends and acquaintances find resources to aid them in their own nests.  Topics like education, recreation, fashion, frugality, food storage, kid safety, modesty and LDS (Mormon) resources are some of the most common.  So, what my goal (my New Year’s resolution…and seeing that it’s the middle of February I’m already not doing so well) is to list and discuss different mama bird topics each week and offer some ideas of mostly media resources that my friends and maybe some new friends will enjoy and benefit from.

I hope to help inspire individual ideas in each of you mama birds to support you making your own nest a safe and happy place for your chicks.

With love from my nest to yours!



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  1. THE REST OF THE STORY….Your Mamma bird remembers this event well, and also remembers how the Mamma duck would push away a new baby bird with a deformed leg that couldn’t keep up with the new flock. Your 2 little sisters couldn’t resist rescuing this poor duckling baby, who would be pecked at and pushed away by the Mamma while it’s siblings were feeding.
    We were on vacation at the time and visiting you and Bryan. We took the little duckling with us on our trip. It entertained the girls all the way to our next destination as they nuzzled it under their chins as it slept.
    We took our new pet into the motel room with us and fed and spoiled it. When the girls finally settled down for the night the little duckling nuzzled next to them. In the morning, to our surprise the duckling was found dead. Our little girls were devestated to say the least. We let them know that he was now in Heaven with all the other ducks who have died. We buried our sweet little duckling and had a little funeral for him. It was a sad ending to our vacation.
    What we didn’t have the heart to tell them was that during the night the baby duckling was smothered
    by their bodies while they slept.
    Lesson learned, don’t pick up stray pets while on vacation.

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